Paula Patton Nude

Boobs are considered as the best among the female body parts. The bigger the breasts of a female are, the better it is. All men loves girls hiving big boobs. Girls having small or no boob generally ignore by the men. However, balls look great on a slim and trim figure. A fatty woman having a great pair of boobs is not considered as attractive. Size 36 or 38 are general and obvious in case of chubby females. However, if any slim and slender teen has a size of 36 or 38 then she looks terrific and men chase after her madly. 


The case is same with Paula Patton. Paula Patton is not great in look but she is immensely popular as an actress. Why she is popular? Paula Patton is not fatty. In fact, she has a great physic, which resembles to that of an athlete. On a slim and narrow chest, she has two big and bald mountains. She has a great size and people becomes mad, when the watch the chest of Paula Patton. You may have seen millions of pairs of breasts in your lifetime, but once you watch the breasts of Paula Patton, you would be certainly delighted. You can’t take off your eyes from the chest of Paula Patton. People go to watch the movies of Paula Patton only to watch the awesome pair she has. 

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